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What we believe:

  • By growing a large and engaged membership, we will fight austerity and make progress toward a just university.
  • Engaging in transparent, democratic decision-making will make our union more powerful and effective.
  • Justice of all kinds – racial justice, gender justice, immigrant justice, disability justice– is the job of the entire union, and we can create more just conditions at work when we fight together.

What we’re fighting for:

  • No more COVID spread on campus
  • Get even more grads a one year appointment extension
  • Mobilize against visa restrictions for international grads
  • Become a political force against DHS, ICE, and the police
  • Every member has a voice in our decision-making

Who is running:

President: Rithika Ramamurthy
Vice President: Kaitlyn Hajdarovic
Treasurer: Keenan Wilder
Secretary: Carin Papendorp
Coordinator for Social Justice and Accountability: Jared Loggins
Political Director: Dennis Hogan
Coordinator for Communications: Talie Massachi
Coordinator for Organizing: Audrey Massmann
Lead Organizer for Workers in Master’s Programs: Claire Crews
Lead Organizer for International Graduate Workers: Ana San Martín
Lead Organizer for Humanities: Sherena Razek
Lead Organizer for Physical Sciences: Max Weinreich
Lead Organizer for Life Sciences: Corinne Hutfilz
Lead Organizer for Social Sciences: Siraj Sindhu